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We have been involved in the development of "new techniques and technology" for more than 30 years. As we work on these new developments it is very important to let you know the status of these techniques. If the product is not yet FDA approved, we will tell you this. When this is the case there are very specific informed consent papers which we would discuss with you. In some instances, the technology has been FDA approved based on a similarity to prior techniques, but specifically the new technology is not proven and there is no published studies reporting outcomes. In these cases we will inform you of our experience, but the informed consent process is standard.

Some of the current projects we are working on are listed.

Endo-exo ProsthesisEndo-exo Prosthesis

This is a development out of Germany in which a metal device is implanted into the bone of a patient who has had an amputation of the leg. A prosthetic limb is then attached directly to this metal rod. This avoids the need for a socket which normally would attach to the patient's "stump" over the skin.

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Navigation in Total Knee ArthroplastyNavigation in Total Knee Arthroplasty

This is a technique in which a series of infrared cameras are used in conjunction with reflective markers which are placed on the patient's leg above and below the knee. We then use a computer program which collects the data which is used to help direct the proper placement of the knee replacement.

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Patient Specific Guides for Total KneePatient Specific Guides for Total Knee

Many of the manufacturers of total knee products have developed guides which are made specifically for the patient which allow the surgeon to place the implants in without using the standard rods and guides. The patient has either a MRI or CAT scan and the patient specific guide is made to fit that patients knee.

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Patient Specific ImplantsPatient Specific Implants

This technology is similar to the Patient Specific Guides, but in this case, the MRI is used to produce both the guide and an implant which is specific for the patient. We are excited about this technology and believe it holds promise.

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