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Birmingham Hip

The Birmingham hip is a specialized total hip arthroplasty which was developed in Birmingham, England. It has been used throughout the world for over ten years, and in some European countries and in Australia, it is used more than any other type of hip. It has a very successful history. Most surgeons feel that it is best used in very active patients under 55 years of age. The advantage of the procedure is that it preserves much of the natural bone, and the metal head which resurfaces the natural head is the same diameter as the person's original hip.

Patients report that the hip feels very natural, and the risk of dislocation is almost completely eliminated. The procedure does require a somewhat longer incision than a minimally invasive incision total hip arthroplasty, and as a result, the recovery may be a little slower. However, because this is generally done in younger, healthier, active patients, the recovery is still very rapid. Like ceramic on ceramic, metal on metal implants occasionally "squeak" or "bump" in the beginning. However, with metal on metal, these sensations usually resolve as the hip "runs in". With metal on metal, as the two surfaces rub together, they tend to adapt to each other and actually smooth themselves.

Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham

These three pictures are of the Birmingham Hip. The first is an actual picture of the implant showing the socket with the large head. The second is an x-ray showing the Birmingham Hip in place. Notice the ball is almost exactly the same size as the natural hip and that there has been no removal of bone from the femoral neck or shaft. The third picture shows how the implants fit in the body.

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